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Noah, foto: Karin Jacobsen (c) 
Noah, foto: Karin Jacobsen ©

At the annual lundehund special in Lofoten 2016, we collected approximately 35 mentality questionnaires where the dog owners have described their dog's mentality through answering a set of questions.

We would like as many answers as possible. The data gathered is used to create a mental profile of the lundehund breed.

For simplicity, we have created an online questionnaire where you can easily select the answers best suited to describe your dog's mentality.

Open and fill out the online questionnaire here.


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The chairman of Norsk Lundehund Klubb has received an inquiry on the crossbreed project from a member of the club living abroad.

The inquiry is related to the project initiating background, and NLK wants all interested parties to have the opportunity to read the answers. Hence, the two questions below and the answers from NLK are translated from norwegian into english, german and french.

Further questions may be directed to the chairman of Norsk Lundehund Klubb, Rita Daverdin, e-mail Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. or by mobile phone +47 922 36 662.

The questions:

Was the project initiated

  1. under pressure from Norsk Kennel Klub (NKK): either NLK themselves will initiate a cross breeding project, or the project will be carried out under the supervision of NKK?
  2. by NLK without interference/pressure from NKK?

The Norwegian Lundehund Club’s outcross project – Answers to questions forwarded by Stein Erik Greter:

  1. The project was initiated as a result of the findings NLK made during the work with the breeding strategy for the “Norsk Lundehund” (RAS) and was included in an Action Plan for NLK after a workshop on RAS at Starum, an open meeting at Øysanden and an open hearing, all in 2013.

    The outcross project is carried out by NLK in cooperation with and under the control of the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK), and in collaboration with NordGen and Norsk Genressurssenter.

  2. NKK has not demanded that NLK start the outcross project. But, the high occurrence of IL and other intestinal problems, the reduced fertility and the high degree of inbreeding made it clear that NLK risked having a cross breeding program imposed on us, or that such projects were launched elsewhere (eg in Finland and the USA). Finland had already raised the issue of inbreeding and health problems in the Lundehund breed with the Nordic Kennel Union.

    The signals were quite unmistakable. We were clearly urged by the leader of NKK’s health panel, Astrid Indrebø, (a meeting with Indrebø in Oslo in 2013 where Rita Daverdin and Hanna Gautun were present) that NLK would be best off by taking charge of an outcross project ourselves.

  3. Project dogs might be placed in other Nordic countries than Norway in the future. There are, however, a number of issues to address before this can be done. We are currently considering these matters and working out the formalities.

    In any case, ONLY dogs resulting from combinations approved by NLK and NKK will be accepted in the project.

Plans for the work with RAS in 2013.


Info about NordGen


The new breeding strategy of the Norwegian Lundehund Club





The Norwegian Lundehund Club (NLC) has started a process, which will lead to a new breeding strategy. The board and the breeding council of the club started the work in October 2012. As part of this work, a workshop with invited participants was held at Starum on the 20th-21thof April 2013. The purpose was to discuss the status of the breed and to outline a new strategy. 19 experienced breeders, members of the board, members of the breeding council and regional contacts for the club attended from Norway. In addition, the chairman of Svenska Lundehundsällskapet attended together with representatives from Suomen Lunnikoirayhdistys ry in Finland and the Lundehund Friends of Denmark.

By Ingvild Svorkmo Espelien, Hanna Gautun og Turid Helfjord


Workshop at Starum 20th-21th of April 2013: The new breeding strategy of the Norwegian Lundehund Club – a short report.

Norsk Lundehund Klubb has created a leaflet with a short introduction to the puffindog (norsk lundehund), which is available in English, as well as Norwegian, Finnish, French, and German.

The Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute publishes a brochure with introductions to all the seven breeds of dogs that are endemic to Norway, which features a picture of lundies on the front page! The pages from the brochure that are about the lundehund are also available seperately, but only in Norwegian. 


Brochure from NLK Brochure from The Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute

Update 28.02.2015 This research project has unfortunately not given us any results. We thank everyone that has contributed by sending in blood samples in the best interest of the Norwegian lundehund.

The breeding Counsil of the Norwegian Lundehund Club

Original article

The Norwegian School of Veterinary Science collected a lot of blood samples from lundehunds during the gathering on Værøy this summer, for a project that will investigate the “intestinal lymphangiectasia” (IL). The researchers are interested in collecting blood from more dogs, including dogs that did not attend the gathering, and have created a form with some questions that should be sent in along with the blood sample. Norsk Lundehund Klubb supports this project, and would like to encourage as many lundehund-owners as possible to contribute samples.